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    Masks in Catalyst?

    maeldanus Level 1


      is it possible to create masks in the current version of Catalyst? For Example to create a UI simmiliar to the "Adobe Max Desktop Widget".


      Greets, Nico

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Nico,


          Glad to hear you were at MAX. You can't create a mask directly in the current version of Catalyst, but you can import artwork from PS or AI that has a mask. If you have existing objects (e.g. components) that you want to mask, do this:


          1.  Create a mask in PS or AI. If you're using PS, it must be a vector mask.

          2.  Import it. If you're using PS, you must chose "Shape Layers > Keep Editable" in the import dialog.

          3.  In the layers panel, you'll see a Group with your masked content inside of it. Anything that goes inside that group will be masked.

          4.  You can drag objects created in Catalyst into the group to mask them.


          How's that for intuitive! =p. Obviously, this is something we're looking to improve in future versions.



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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            Nico, if you just want to create a simple rectangular mask (not something with a fancier shape or feathering), you can do that in Catalyst today.


            1. Create a custom component

            2. Uncheck Modify > Auto Size Components

            3. Check Modify > Clip to Component Bounds

            4. Drag the four corner markers to define the rectangular mask's bounds


            - Peter

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              can you add a scroll bar to move the image underneath the mask?


              i haven't tried yet. just wonderin'

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                acath Level 4

                Hi Gabriela,


                In the current version of Catalyst, scrolling and masks are distinct features. To create a scrolling panel of content, select the content and a scrollbar and choose "Convert to Component > Scroll Panel". Double-click to edit the component, then select the content, and choose "Convert to Scroll Panel Part > Scrolling Content". The content will now be a scroll region that you can resize to clip. The scrollbar will automatically be wired to the scrolling content.



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                  gabrielaVzla Level 1

                  Hello Adam,


                  I got it to work. Photoshop mask wasn´t necessary.




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                    Graeme Harker Level 1

                    Beware! To get masking/clipping to a container's bounds to work in Catalyst the clipping container needs to be locked (not unlike a mask layer in Frash Pro).

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                      Hi Adam


                      Screen shot 2010-09-07 at 7.03.48 PM.png

                      I am trying to use a mask for text, I followed your steps, created a vector mask. However, when I import the psd inside the catalyst, it was a single image without anything else, any layer I dragged into does not being masked, did I do something wrong?

                      I need a mask because I want to color and animating the text using a rectangle (with gradient color) blending mode. the color blending mode works fine, but rectangles show up while the text is in motion(scaling big/small), is there any other way I can do this without converting the text into an image?


                      Thanks a lot!