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    Copy & Pasted text from PDF messes up upper-case words..


      Hey there,

      Have this problem on many PC's in my work, on Windows Vista and Windows 7, using Adobe Reader v9.1.0.



      When highlighting text and copying, then going elsewhere and pasting, the 'case' of the text messes up.



      For example, if I copied:



      "The QUICK brown FOX jumps over the Lazy DOG"



      The pasted text would appear:



      "The QUicK brown FoX jumps over the lazy DoG"




      Is this a known issue? It's doing it on different PC's with different OS's but the version of Adobe Reader is still the same, so it's either an issue with that, or with the PDF's we're reading. They are PDF's of newspapers, but still... text is text, so it shouldn't be an issue!


      It's taking quite a lot of time having to scroll through all this text to make sure all the capitalization is correct (especially when it comes to grammar).



      Just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem, or if there's any known solution!



      Thanks in advance