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    Display barcodes in Reader 9


      We have to display documents with a barcode type Code 128 on Adobe Reader 8 and 9.

      Adobe Reader 8 displays them easily but I did not manage to make the barcodes visible in Adobe Reader 9. Instead I see a line of hieroglyphics and alphabetic characters. (e.g. Á09DE955610398189E1RÈ)

      I installed the font type Code128 in Windows (XP) and activated the use of local fonts in the Reader.


      Does anybody know the phenomenon and possibly a remedy?


      Any help will be appreciated!






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          hello there,


          i still have the same problem with adobe reader x.


          the font "code128" is installed in windows 7 pro correctly, the used user ist still administrator.


          if i open an existing document with barcodes in it it will only display other things like numbers or signs, if i try to open this document with "another" reader for pdfs the barcodes is correctly shown.


          the document prosperties of the pdf-file in adobe reader shows the font code 128 but it seems that it will be replaced by adobe sans mm.


          any ideas?



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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Why don't you embed the font when you create the PDF?

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              toddy3927 Level 1

              I cant. I got these documents from our distributors or from other customers. Maybe i could please them to make these documents correctly for displaying in the reader. but thats not the problem. also viewing or printing these documents with another open-source reader e.g is an acceptable solution.


              i still searched a while for a solution cause i thought it could only be a little problem. but i didnt find anything except that it has something to do with the creation of the document as you said.


              i only wants to know if there is no solution why making an pdf unreadable for the reader....