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    why quality loss between after efects and premier pro 2


      premier pro 2


      ok my process is :- import avi into after efects / add efects and adjust brightness / when happy with picture export from after efects as avi  / import the avi after efects made into premier pro2 / adjust nothing and export from premier as an avi ,,,,,,,,,,


      now what i want to know is why is there a masive difference between the avi after efects made and the avi premier made the colour and brightness are totaly different which is not what i was expecting besause i made NO adjustments in premier  ????



      also being sort of new to video production .........  what is the best way to set up my pc monitor screen to give me the most realistic picture so that when i make adjustments to light / colour with adobe the exported media is going to look the way i want it to look ....... in my usual field (sound production) this is done by using good quality monitor speakers and listening at a flat eq 


      thanks for any help