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    AE keeps asking for a serial - All I have is the Suite Serial


      I've been dealing with tech support since since last week with several calls each lasting over an hour and yet have received absolutely no response on how to deal with this issue. Furthermore, every a new representative gets on the the phone I have to repeat the problem. Doesn't Adobe keep track of the incidences on their case numbers???!


      My problem goes as follows:


      I had to reninstall my Windows XP system. As a result I had to reinstall all of my applications.


      I have a copy of Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio Premium CS2.  The suite was installed and activated. All of the applications load up except for one and that is After Effects 7. Every time I try to start it it asks me to please register the copy and then asks me for a serial number. The ONLY serial number I have is for the entire suite - which I understand should be able to activate all the individual applications. Obviously I've tried putting the Production Studio serial in the box and the number does not work.


      Adobe seems to have washed their hands with this because every conversation I've had with them on the phone ends up with them saying they don't support CS2 and that I have to go to the forums. This doesn't add up for me. I'm experiencing a licensing issue for a product a purchased and have a right to use. Adobe's response has been for me to upgrade which would be nice, but I have not upgraded for financial reasons. All I need is help from Adobe to activate a product that I purchased from them.