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    PP3.0 --Problem Project Manager Trim Software Damages Files


      I have a problem that occurs when a Premiere Pro 3.0 project is trimmed using the project manager software.


      It occurs mostly with non-captured files- with wav files such as narration, music, and sfx  (they can be  Cd 44.1 files and mono and stereo tracks).  Sometimes, it happens with graphics files.  This problem occurs about half the time the project manger software is used.


      In an affected project, there may be any where from 2 to 25 damaged files.  The error message that we get in the trimmed project is “unsupported file formats”.  


      When we open the non-importable audio files in another application like Sound Forge, they are identified as Raw PCM files.  These Raw PCM files frequently have errors-- like random noises.  The ones that don’t have errors can be saved as a wav file and then it can be re-linked and used.


      It is happening on more than one computer.  These computers all have dual 32 bit Xeon processors and at least 3 Gigs of memory.