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    Form loading on Flex front-end issues

    AKloft Level 2

      Greetings everyone,


      Sometimes when I load my form in a flex front end, the user assignment buttons don't display like they should (please see the screenshots below).  Is there a bug or something that prevents the buttons from loading (they load about 80% of the time, and do not about 20%. I need this to be they load 100%!)


      issue 1.jpg

      As you can see in the above image, the approve and reject buttons did not load, even though the form loaded correctly (cropped out to shrink filesize)


      issue 1 how it should be.jpg

      Here is how it should have been with the form loaded correctly and Approve/Reject buttons displayed at the bottom.


      Any advice/hints on this one?


      Thanks for everyone's time,

      Alex Kloft