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    Workflow question: 1080i/720p in same sequence


      I've shot a short-film in 1080i60 with a Canon XH A1. I captured everything as 3-4 big footage, which I've cut down to subclip in Adobe Premiere CS4.


      My question is:


      I need to work with the Adobe Dynamic Link between Premiere and After Effects on same subclip, but I need to work in AE in 720p because I am using the Action Essentials 2 (pre-matte effects in 720p). What is the best way to work? Do I need to convert my full clip in 720p at first, or should I only convert my subclips? Or is it possible to use at the same time, in the same sequence, both 1080i and 720p footage?


      Because I can see a problem, if I need in the same sequence a shot with effect (which need to be in 720p) with a bunch of shot with no effect (in 1080i)...how will I be able to do it?