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    Changing Styles for Numbering

    sneedhearn Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp HTML Version 8


      When I select the "create a numbered list" button. The number appears in a different font from the text. I selected Format/Styles/Normal, but I don't see how to change it.



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          With the Normal style, you set the font of the paragraph and not of the list. If you do not style the list, the browser will return to the default. The easiest things to do (in my opinion ) are:

          - Create a list style and apply it to eacht list: Right click | Bullets and Numbering | Custom | Pick your custom style.

          - If you always want a list to use a standard font, open your style sheet in an external editor and add the following code:

               OL, UL { font-family: Arial; }

               Change Arial to the name of the font you want to use.


          Note: If you use a font with spaces in the name, such as Courier New, place the name between quotes: font-family: "Courier New";

          Note: As an 'extra' you can add any other standard styling to all your lists by adding more styling between the brackets.