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    Passing a variable between functions [Silly Question]


      Hey, I am trying to write a program (who wouldve guessed) and I have the following problem. I set a variable in one function, but when I access it from another one, it is "undefined". How can I pass the variable, so both the functions see it? I thought the "public" class when defining a function should take care of that, but I was obviously wrong. Please help? (Code following...)


      public function dalsi_slovicko():void {

                     var pocet_slovicek = slovnikXML.slovicka.elements("*").length();

                     var cislo_slovicka = randomNumber(0, pocet_slovicek);

                     var slovicko_1 = ask(cislo_slovicka, "en");

                     var slovicko_2 = ask(cislo_slovicka, "cs");

                     slovicko1.text = slovicko_1;


      private function kontrola() : void {

                if (nazor.text == slovicko_2) {



                else {

                     Alert.show("Špatně!! \n Slovicko_2 bylo:" + slovicko_2);