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    FLV Playback in LMS


      Hi All:


      Using Captivate 4, I created a project that includes two FLV videos that are progressively downloaded. These videos play automatically and, once complete, they advance to the next slide. This course works fine when previewed on the local drive, and also appears to work fine on my machine when loaded on the LMS, but two computers are having a problem when they reach the FLV via the LMS. In short, the video plays, but the playhead does not move and the presentation does not advance when it reaches the final frame of the FLV. The FLV player can obviously locate and play the asset, but it does not properly control it once it is loaded.


      Has anyone seen this? And suggestions on how to correct this issue?



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          RoboWizard Level 4

          Hi Jon


          Have you compared the Flash Player/Plug-in version on the errant machines to see if they are using a different version? Perhaps all you need to do is upgraded the Flash Player/Plug-in for the browser on those machines.


          Cheers... Rick



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            GenghisJon Level 1

            Thank you for the response, Rick.


            I updated the problematic machine to the latest version (IE and the issue is still occuring. In the latest test I realized that the play/pause button on the FLV player works great. The issues are: (1) The playhead remains at the start of the file as the video plays and (2) the project does not advance to the next slide when the FLV reaches the end of the file.


            My next test will involve swapping out a new FLV to see if it is the source of the problem. Any other suggestions are appreciated.



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              I was/am having similar problems when exporting individual slides with *.flv videos to then bring them in to an aggregated project. We were able to get the video to be controlled by the slide controls by:


              1. After importing the slide right-click on the *.flv element and set the *.swf video controls to 'none'
                1. click the box to enable 'auto-play'
              2. On the second tab [Options] I set Timing to 'duration of video'
                1. click the 'synchronize with project box' - click 'ok' to close
              3. On the properties of the slide background I increased the duration so that the slide would stay up as long as the video.


              I then published the project and set up the playlist in aggregator. A few problems arose after the aggregated file was produced.

              1. The audio in slides 1&2 [*.flv videos] and slide 3 [the desktop training module] were dramatically
                different. Slides 1&2 are almost inaudible. Slide 3 is birght and clear.
              2. I also noticed that if the viewer watches Slides 1&2 start to finish there are no other problems. However, if they skip from slide 1 to slide 3 for example the audio on slide 1 will continue to on top of the audio in slide 3.