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    Conditional Build Tags for Text Blocks Applied to Entire File


      RoboHelp  This post also deals with conditional build tags, but in this case the conditional build tags have been associated with sections of text and text blocks within a topic.  The design was implemented originally in RH7 and the project has since been updated with RH8.


      For example, you could have three blocks:  Purpose, Procedure, Tips, and a Notes block.  They are disabled by applying blocks Tag A, Tag B, Tag C, and Tag D respectively.  If Tag A is applied to the Purpose, it is cross-hatched in the design window and does not appear upon generation.


      The problem is that tags that are seemingly unrelated to blocks, such as Tag C and Tag D, are spontaneously applied to those blocks -- by the software.  In fact, they would be spontaneously applied to all of the blocks and text in a some of the files (for no apparent reason), cross-hatching every element and every block of text in the file.  When we unapply the tag and store the file, when we re-open the file, the tag is mysteriously re-applied to all the blocks -- again by the software.


      Has anyone seen this type of problem in RH8?


      Below is further detail about the problem


      An example of how tags shold be applied involves a block involving three banners


      <div class="banner">

           <?rh-udv_start name="Banner A" ?>BANNER A NAME<?rh-udv_end ?>

           <?rh-udv_start name="Banner B" ?>BANNER A NAME<?rh-udv_end ?>

           <?rh-udv_start name="Banner C" ?>BANNER A NAME<?rh-udv_end ?>



      Under normal conditions, an associated tag would be applied to "unselect" two classifications, thus selecting the third by default.  This is done by highlighting the associated banner, right-clicking and selected the "UnselectedBanner" tag,  Below, banner C is selected by unselecting Banners A and B.  T


      <div class="banner">

           <?rh-cbt_start condition="UnselectedBanner"?>

           <?rh-udv_start name="Banner A" ?>BANNER A NAME<?rh-udv_end ?><?rh-cbt_end ?>

           <?rh-cbt_start condition="UnselectedBanner"?>

           <?rh-udv_start name="Banner B" ?>BANNER A NAME<?rh-cbt_end ?><?rh-udv_end ?>

           <?rh-udv_start name="Banner C" ?>BANNER A NAME<?rh-udv_end ?>



      The <?rh-cbt_start condition="UnselectedBanner"?>  indicates that the section is de-selected.


      Note, that the "<?rh-cbt_end ?><?rh-udv_end ?>" are in opposite order in the example (but that's how it appears in the file).


      In the cases where this problme occurs, we the html riddled with "Tag D" and "Tag C" condition tags for all the elements.


      <?rh-cbt_start condition="Tag C, Tag D"?><div .......     </div><?rh-cbt_end ?>


      I cannot attach any files because these files are on a classified system.


      Thank you much.