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    HSlider + bind to as3 application


      Hey there-  I have a simple as3 menu application that I want to "bind" with a Flex HSlider. Basically when a user changes the HSlider the ASMenu updates accordingly.  So far the code below does not update the ASMenu.  Any help or direction is appreciated.  Thanks!


      ASMenu AS3:


      package {

      public class ASMenu extends UIComponent {


      public function ASMenu():void {



      private var _textSize:Number = 12; // default text size
      // get and set modifiers:

      public function get textSize():Number {
          return _textSize;
      public function set textSize(val:Number):void {
          _textSize = val;







          <asm:ASMenu id="asMenu" textSize="{hSlider.value}"/>

          <mx:HSlider id="hSlider" minimum="0" maximum="20" liveDragging="true"/>