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    Missing Tutorial File?


      I'm on chapter 11 in the "Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Digital Classroom" book.  It references a file "fl1101.fla" that is not on the companion CD.  I haven't had any problems with the previous chapters' files.  If someone has this file, can they please send it to me?  This chapter covers the specific topics I need to develop a website from a Flash template purchased by a client.  I have not been able to find this file online, and tech support says they'll take 3 days to get back with me, but that's 10% of my 30 day trial.


      Thanks in advance,


      Chris Larsen


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          clarsen123 Level 1

          I moved onto the next step in the tutorial and was able to recreate the lesson of the missing file with a button in the next tutorial file.  In other words, I learned my "button" lesson using another button.  As a result, I don't need the missing file.