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    New flex developement environment


      Hello everyone.


      I had a job where I programmed in flex. I liked it. When I started working there, everything I needed was installed and functionning.


      Now I have a contract and I want to work it in Flex. Now, I have been looking all around the web to find some help to install a proper developpement tool for my needs. But I can't seem to find what I expect. Every help I find is about someone's own problem. Nevertheless, I tried to install everything on my own. Though it doesen't work at all. So here I am. I guess this is the best place to post my request. I'll try to give you the most details I can.


      First I want to work in Eclipse.


      All I need is some basic MXML programming. With a design view.


      I will have to request some information to a MySql database. I beleive it is possible through a ColdFusion WebService.


      And finally I beleive that I need some Server to run my applications.


      That's it... It's simple, and though I can't find any documentation from where to start.


      So if somebody can give me a stepped procedure to make it work, I would appreciate a lot.

      Thank you all.