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    Fireworks quit unexpectedly.




      Please send the attachment of error log.

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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee



          Were you doing an undo operation or running a script? Can you explain some steps that were being performed when the crash ocurred?

          Any supporting png file and the operations on it which led to crash?

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            Bradford Rentfrow Level 1

            My problem was that I could never even open the software. Every other application was working fine, but Fireworks. I have a brand new, top of the line, MacBook Pro and had only installed Office Mac 2008 on this machine.


            I re-installed the OS (Snow Leopard 10.6) and it seems to be working fine now.


            The sad part is, I had to google and read tons of articles myself, trying all of the different user attempts at solutions. I ran across one that said "try reinstalling your OS". I don't understand why Adobe Support doesn't stay on top of their own Forums, so that they too could offer these solutions while you're on the phone with them. I think it is ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS that I had to figure this out myself after being on the phone with Adobe for hours upon hours.


            I am a business major, not an IT guy. I am a self taught graphic designer and just migrated to Mac for the first time in my career. It seems a bit backwards that when I bought a $1800 piece of software, I have to repair its bugs myself just so that I can get back to work and not lose any more time. The last call I had with Adobe, they told me they would pass along my error report and get back to me within 48 hours. I'm sorry, but for those of us that use this software to earn a living, that is the equivalent of a week.


            I love the software...am highly dependent on it, but am very disappointed in the support team. I will certainly be googling the problem myself before I even consider picking up the phone again. 

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              I too have a brand new MacBook Pro, and

              Office 2008. I've found that Fireworks crashes without fail whenever I close the app. But then, it does the same on my CS4 on my Windows XP Professional OS laptop as well. I can't begin to count the times I replied in the little crash dialog box that pops up asking me if I would like to make a comment. I put my e-mail address in there every time. Never, over the entire life of CS3 (Yes it crashed in CS3 also) have I ever received a question from the support staff. Apparently (sorry, it's only my observation) this is not high on the bug fix list.


              My answer, take a deep breath, and use Photoshop for everything. I prefer Fireworks.

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                Jim_Babbage Level 4

                While this doesn't solve the issue, this blog post may at least banish your fears.





                Jim Babbage

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                  NewNewz Level 1

                  Thanks Jim. I REALLY like Fireworks.



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                    r.sudipta Level 1



                    If Fireworks quit unexpectedly.


                    There can be a reason in macintosh computer.


                    1. User account file security


                    2. Library  Preferences




                    1.Repair the Disk permission from Disk utility.


                    2.Macintosh Hdd>Library>Preferences>Drag in on the Desktop.


                    Activate the product.


                    Good Luck