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    Is there a debug mode for Presenter SWF published to a custom LMS?


      I've implemented a simple LMS interface (API_1484_11) in JavaScript on the page that loads the SWF generated by Presenter. The SWF is playing fine, and it appears to call the API_1484_11.Initialize() method, but then doesn't call any of my Commit(), GetValue(), or SetValue() methods. Weird thing is that is used to work fine, and I can't figure out what I changed that would break it.


      In my Presenter presentation, the Quiz Manager settings have these reporting options:


      - LMS set to SCORM (Manifest set to 2004 type)

      - Report data set to quiz results and slide views

      - Pass or fail set to report complete/incomplete

      - Score set to report as percent

      - Level set to report interactions and the score


      Is there any way to tell the SWF to run in a debug mode so it will provide some sort of information or feedback about what it is doing regarding the LMS interface?

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          Jase415 Level 1

          Ugh. So I quit out of my browser and restarted, and now the Presenter Flash is communicating with my mini-LMS interface properly. After Initialize() it calls getValue() and asks for cmi.location, cmi.score._children, etc. values. I think I've seen this happen before, where if I accidentally have two windows with a Presenter Flash object in them, they both stop working with the LMS API until I quit and restart my browser. (I'm on a Mac with Firefox but have seen this on Windows with IE, too, I think.)


          But still, I'm wondering if there are any debugging tricks with the Presenter Flash object... or any API documentation for it?