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    Installer Stalls in WinXP

    KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      This is the first time I've tried to install Flash Catalyst. The image below shows the point at which the installer stops. The "install" button is frozen, as are all the check boxes. Notice that the error message is that the required components are missing. Attached are two log files that seem to relate. I had to change the extension to txt because log files apparently will not upload.



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          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

          Hi Jerry,


          Thanks for reporting this, and for attaching the logs.


          We've asked a couple of our Installer devs to take a look at them, to see what's happening. I looked at them myself, but don't know enough about them to understand which errors are the relevant ones.



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            KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Chris, thanks for the reply. If it will help I can send the dxdiag readout for this pc.


            Just for fun I tried to install Catalyst on a WinXP laptop and that worked, even though the installer said the machine did not meet system requirements. So I have been playing with Catalyst there. But I only have CS3 on the laptop, and I want to make the connection between Catalyst and Fireworks CS4, so that is a little awkward and is why I want to install it on my CS4 machine.


            Another thought, wanting to use Fireworks CS4 ouput in Catalyst, I replaced the original Export to FXG.jsf with the new one available on the Catalyst site. I did this before trying to install Catalyst. This shouldn't affect installation, right?