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    Getting RPC Fault--Fault code="Channel.Security.Error"


      I have a Flex based GUI and axis2 web services for controlling the GUI. Both of these are hosted on a Tomcat Server on the same machine. On the load of GUI application, a login page appears.On this login page, on click of login button, the GUI calls authentication method of the web services.

      When I try to access the GUI using machine name in the URL to access it, in the browser of a remote machine, I am able to get the Login page. But on click of login button I get the following error:

      RPC Fault faultString = "Security error accessing url"
      faultCode = "Channel.Security.Error"
      faultDetail = "Destination: DefaultHttp"

      The GUI application works perfectly fine for IP address in the GUI URL. The behavior is similar for web services URL(used by GUI application internally to access the web service) having IP address or machine name.

      Adding to the above issue, when I try to access my GUI using local host in the GUI URL, in the browser of the same machine where it is hosted, I get the same error as described above.Similar is the case if I use machine name in the GUI URL. But my application works perfectly fine when I access the GUI using IP address. At this time I have IP address in the web services URL.

      It would be great if someone could suggest the possible cause of this error and some solution to it. I am badly stuck at this issue and any inputs will be vital for me.