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    newbie q: rollover using layer visibility?


      Forgive the newbie question, I'm new to Fireworks (having used instead Photoshop and Golive since Golive 1.0).


      I have a layered Photoshop document I've brought into Fireworks (and the various layers have been organised into layer groups). I have series of bitmap graphic objects that I want the user to point at, and click on. What I want is to have a different bitmap graphic show when the user rolls over it (the graphics are gray text: point at a word and it turns white)


      The page, as it stands, has a single base layer where the bitmap items are gray and then, on top of this base layer, an individual layer for each graphic, but white this time (in register, of course, over their non-rolled over counterparts in the base layer). I've drawn slices over each text item, and I was hoping that I could use states (a new concept for me), along with layer visibility, to have a nice rollover behaviour.


      I had thought I could make a new state, then turn on visibility of a layer, and use that new state as the basis of a Swap Image rollover behaviour (or, when that didn't work, a Simple rollover behaviour). I'm not having any success, any layer that I make visible in one state, then becomes visible in the other state.


      The way I used to do this was to export two graphics from Photoshop for a rollover (one for mouseout, one for mousein), and to build the rollover behaviour that way. I'm pretty sure that Fireworks will do this too, but I'm really hoping that it's become more efficient than that, as I was building rollovers this way quite a long time ago! (anyone remember the Apple Media Tool?).


      I've read quite a bit about States, Layers and Pages in several tutorial websites (Adobe and others), and I'm afraid that I'm still not straight on how to achieve what I'm looking for. Can anyone help me out?