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    Why won't it play or publish?


      I have 11 slides, currently at 2.95 MB, made in Captivate 3. Nothing fancy. Just a couple of headshots and captions, a rollover slide and two hotspot quiz slides so far. I'd like to view what I've done. I press Publish. It compiles the slides and ...nothing. It simply goes back to the Edit tab as if I'd never pressed Publish. Same thing happens when I press View Project, View Next 5 Slides, View From This Slide. Compiles...and nothing.


      If I change the size of the virtual trainer jpegs I have in the presentation, would that alter the performance? Is there a removable glitch somewhere and if so, how do I identify it?


      I'm testing Captivate 4, but have not opened this file with it.


      I'd really appreciate your help getting this to play and publish.