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    Stuttering when playing FLV on Influxis.com

    marktrav Level 1

      First, the particulars:


      My system:

      MacBook 2.4ghz, 4GB, 7200rpm 320GB late 2008, CS4 Master Collection

      4.1 patch applied to Media Encoder

      Latest patches applied to PPro CS4


      The project:

      Cartoon animation project coded at 640x480 at 24fps

      Voice over at CD quality

      background track at CD quality


      The hosting service:

      Influxis.com at the 512kbps rate


      I can't seem to generate a video clip that will play without stuttering on Influxis. I used the bitrate calculator to come up with a final size of 425x318 (from the project size of 750x628). I told media encoder that I wanted a two pass CBR not to exceed 400kbps on the video and do not exceed 96kbps on the audio. This should mean I don't exceed 496kbps total. However, I must be hitting the Flash Server's 512Kbps "throttle" because the video stutters for the first 45 seconds of the clip. Once it passes this threshold, it plays flawlessly for the rest of the 4.5 minutes. I even tried to limit it to 375kbps for the video, and it still stutters. It always stutters at the exact same spots.


      The video plays flawlessly on local, even if I generate it at the full 1.5Mbps rate for the 750x628 size.


      Any ideas?