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    Problem uploading to YouTube using Share feature of Premiere 7 and 8


      When I upload videos using the Share feature of Premiere 7 and now 8, it goes through the rendering process and then another process and then an upload sequence and then announces the whole thing failed. I have, before this started, uploaded more than 25 other videos. Any ideas about why this happens and how to correct it.


      After using Premier 7 and now 8 to save a movie to my computer, I have posted the videos to YouTube using the upload feature of the YouTube site. These include both wmv and flv movie files. Would prefer to save time by using the Share feature of Premiere.


      In searching the forum I did find one other person had similar problems with Premiere 4, but no one provided any answer back in 2008. Tried to get help from Adobe but was on hold for more than an hour and gave up.