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    Method introspection on extended CFC's


      I have written a few small test application with CFbuilder and the biggest bug that I have found so far is that CFbuilder does not introspect extended cfc's thus allowing the code completion of inherited methods.


      To give an example, I have created 3 seperate CFC's that all implement an interface.


      CFC1 (implements ICFC1)

           CFC2 (implements ICFC2)

                CFC3 (implements ICFC3)


      I would then use this code to call the cfc's


          myVO = createObject("component","org.model.vo.CFC3").init();
              myVO.setSomeMethod('test');  // no introspection here


      Ideally when I attempt to set a value with an inherited methods, I should be able to view all the methods that CFC3 inherits.


      I have attached my test project to this post.

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          Dipanwita S Level 1



          You have mentioned that you do not see the inherited methods for extended CFCs. When I try the same stuff out in my test projects, I do get introspection on all extended CFCs. But, when I try it out on the example project that you have posted, it does not show up the methods. We need to investigate this, could be an issue with path resolution. I will log a bug for this issue. Thanks a lot for the sample project.




          Adobe ColdFusion QE Team

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