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    How to kill open PDF's when installing?


      I have several hundred computers that currently have reader 9.1 installed.  I built a custom install of 9.2 using the Customization Wizard which uninstalls 9.1 and installs 9.2.  This will get pushed out via SMS.


      In versions 8.X and prior anytime a PDF was open there was an acrord32.exe process running.  It appears now that with 9.1 (my currently installed version) if you have a PDF open in an IE window there is no associated acrord32.exe process.  The problem is if somebody has a PDF open (in an IE window) at the time I push out 9.2 it will hang because there are files in use that need to be updated.  In the past I have simply taskkilled acrord32.exe before running setup.exe.


      Anybody know how to configure setup.exe to automatically close any open PDF files and continue?







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          kashifMohd Level 2

          I don't think there's a way to do this. You'll have to kill IE to uninstall 9.1. At the most you can find out that whether a PDF is open in browser or not through a script and then kill IE. This way users who don't have PDFs open will be saved. But I strongly suggest that instead of getting into that hocus pocus you should go for simple solution and kill IE.