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    CFBuilder supported on OSX 10.4 (tiger)?

    charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Should we expect CFBuilder to work with Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger)?


      I can get it to install, and open, but when I try to open a file it crashes.


      FWIW, technically, it's the opening with the "Adobe CFML editor", as configured by default to handle CFM files, which is where it crashes. If I open a file with the text editor, it opens ok (but of course it loses many features). For those not familiar, it you right-click on a file, you'll see the option to choose which editor to use to open a file.


      I've searched the forums (including prerelease) and find no discussion of this: I do see that the system requirements lists 10.5 (Leopard). So is that a hard and fast rule? And we who have not updated can't run it at all? Or if it should work, and mine is anomaly, is there anything that would be known not to work compared to those running on 10.5? whether specific to CFBuilder or just Eclipse, if anyonw knows?