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    Omniture Plug-in for OSMF?

    Leif Wells - Atlanta



      I swear I saw that there was a plug-in for Ominture already available for OSMF when I was at MAX two weeks ago?


      Is it in the current .6 source? Or am I out on a limb here?


      Or am I missing something?




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          Hi Leif,


          You did in fact see a demo of a prerelease version of the Omniture plug-in at MAX.  It's still in development so it'll take advantage of all the latest OSMF APIs, so it's not ready for release just yet.



          osmf product manager

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            Hi Sumner,

            Any updates on the Omniture plug-in? I am building a new product and of course we need tracking.....



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              mediabits Level 1

              The plan is to have a beta release of the Omniture plug-in at the end of January, at the same time as OSMF beta 1 (version 0.9).


              You'll need an Omniture account to access the plug-in from the SiteCatalyst website.  More details at the end of January...



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                Justin H. Johnson

                Omniture has absolutely no documentation on this plug-in. I'm logged into SiteCatalyst and digging through the Community and Knowledge Base. There aren't any press releases either.


                It's now March...

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                  mediabits Level 1

                  Hi Justin,


                  The Omniture plug-in is in beta right now.  You're right -- there hasn't been any press yet and it's not readily apparent that the plug-in exists, and the reason for that is that the Ominiture team is still working on improvements to the plug-in.  When's it's ready for 1.0 release, it will be publicly visible and we hope to do some marketing around it.  In the meantime, existing SiteCatalyst customers are more than welcome to join the beta program and get access to the in-development version of the plug-in right now.  If you're interested, shoot me an email (sumner at adobe dot com) and I'll get the Omniture team to add you to the beta program.  From there, the plug-in will show up for you inside SiteCatalyst.


                  -Sumner Paine, osmf product manager

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                    I'm an executive with a company that builds white label web and video publishing systems for media companies.  We just ported our player stack over to OSMF.


                    Many of our customers use Omniture as their default analytics package and we have supported Omniture on our legacy player stacks in the past.  Since we are not direct customers of Omniture, we do not have access to SiteCatalyst, but need to gain access to the plug-in to implment as part of our OSMF player stack for our mutal customers.


                    Is there a way we can get access to the plug-in, even if it is still in beta?  I'd also like to get some contact information from someone at Omniture who we can work with, ask questions, etc.


                    Warmest regards,



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                      rshin Level 3

                      Good that you are making progress there.


                      The plugin is available thru SiteCatalyst.  It may not be available to everyone.  I don't have the details on that. I'll have our PM to answer the details of the plugin availablity.


                      Once you have your plugin working, it would be great to hear back from you how your experience was.



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                        iheartdrawing Adobe Employee

                        Hi Clayton,


                        It's exciting to hear that you've ported over your video player stack to OSMF!  We love hearing about these migrations.


                        I will look into who would be the best person for you to connect with on the Omniture team.  In the meantime, can you email me at ckwon at adobe dot com so that I have your contact info?  Also, if you're willing, I'd love to hear about how the migration to OSMF went, and in particular, if you ran into any challenges that you'd like to provide feedback on.




                        Sr. Product Manager, OSMF

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                          do you have any updates re: how to get the omniture plugin from SiteCatalyst? I've been digging around in SiteCatalyst and can't find anything like what's described on the plugin page.



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                            rshin Level 3

                            This is what it says on this page: http://www.omniture.com/static/2143


                            Have you tried the following on SiteCatalyst?


                            To access the plug-in, log in to your SiteCatalyst account and from the Code Manager picklist select "ActionScript (Flash/Flex)", select the appropriate options and click the "Generate Code" button. On the resulting page, find the "Component Files" tab and locate the "OSMF plugin" section, where you can choose the appropriate code for your implementation. To get to the admin console, follow this path: Admin > Admin Console > Code Manager. Documentation for the plug-in is located in the Documents section of SiteCatalyst.



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                              nerdabilly Level 1

                              I did. I got as far as "log in to SiteCatalyst" and from there I couldn't find anything called "Code Manager". I also found no mention of the OSMF plugin in the documentation section.

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                                rshin Level 3

                                Let us check with Omniture people and get back to you.



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                                  nerdabilly Level 1

                                  great, Thank you!

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                                    rshin Level 3

                                    Here's the workflow.


                                    From siteCatalyst home page, find "Admin"which in the top right corner. That's how to get to the code magager.

                                    From "Admin console" page, Click "Retrieve Collection Code". fill fomr on the next page, and click "Generate Code."

                                    On the next page, click "Component files" tab

                                    The OSMF plug-in is on that tab.



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                                      nerdabilly Level 1

                                      thank you thank you thank you thank you !


                                      this is a huge help!