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    Tons of problems while exporting - small video, squished video, flashing titles? AHHH!


      Hi everyone. I'm running into some serious frustration trying to export a video with the intention of either putting it on YouTube or Vimeo. I have tried so many different compression and format settings, only to run into different problems with each combination I use. Sometimes I'll get horizontally squished video (this happens any time I try to export in 16:9 widescreen), other times I'll get titles that flash super quickly (this happens when I try to export as a QuickTime file), sometimes I'll get proportional video that ends up being small.


      Basically, I'm working with Adobe Premiere Pro - yes, the original. I haven't been able to afford the upgrade, unfortunately. That said, I'm working in a 48 kHz widescreen mode. In my closest attempt, the clips in the video that were not altered by either effects or titles are totally the way that I want them to appear (in the video I have linked, the clips of the two guys starting at 0:24 is what I want). In addition however, all of the clips that do have either titles or effects on them are shrunk - you'll see it. What's the deal!? How can I just export this damn video so that the entire thing looks the way that those full-screen clips do?


      Here's the video of my closest attempt so far:



      Thanks in advance for any help!