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    Working with data

    Shivik Level 1

      Hello all


      I am creating an app in Flex 3.4. In a particular view, I have some label texts which I will want to customize sometime later. So I want to store them in a xml file. Now defining the xml structure inside the mxml file is I guess not recommended since, everytime I will change the xml I will have to regenerate the swf file, plus non-technical person won't be able to find that out too easily.


      So I thought of storing the data in an external file and accessing it like <mx:XML source="data.xml" />. My questions about this are...


      • If I load the xml from an external file, will it be ok if I change the contents of external file - will they be reflected in the app without re-compiling the mxml?
      • Is this the recommended way of handling data - I read about using a singleton ActionScrpipt class customized accordingly is the right way. But using that I didn't get how will I able to load the xml file into the class?


      Can somebody shed some light on this topic?


      thanks and regards