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    Install AIR app + native app simultaneously

      Hi everyone,

      I'm developing an Adobe AIR app but since AIR doesn't provide all the functionality that I need, I'm also developing a native app that does some system-level stuff and writes a XML file that then the AIR app reads. Since I want this to be as painless as possible for the end user, I'd like to make an installar that:

      - Installs the native app and sets it to autorun when the system starts (it's a background app).
      - Installs the AIR app, detect Flash version, etc (launch the Badge?)

      I think I'd need a separate installer solution for each OS (Windows and Mac) that, after installing the native app and adding it to the autorun list of the OS, launches the .air so that the badges continues with the installation.

      I don't really know if what I want to accomplish is doable at all, so any hints or links that may help me would be really appreciated.

      Best regards,

      Manuel F. Lara