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    Adobe Reader 9 and problems with Japanese font




      I currently have Adobe Reader 9 installed on my computer. When I tried to view a particular file with Japanese text I get the following message:

      "This document requires the following missing component: Japanese Fonts (10.0MB). Please click on OK to download this update."


      Once I click on OK, Adobe tells me to shut itself out and continue, which I did.

      Adobe Reader shuts down, then the installation proccess begins and quickly wraps up.

      However in a glimpse of what was going on I saw that before the process bar could reach 100%, the last step was something like "Removing backup files - registering product." Then the installation pop-up disappears.


      I would then try to re-open the said file and the same problem would occur.

      No matter how many times I tried to install Japanese fonts in this way I never get around to successfully viewing the file.


      I suspect the problem is something to do with product registration, so I re-installed Adobe Reader 9 and retried many times.

      Nothing works.


      Any ideas?

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          Cayou try Help > Repair Adobe Reader Installation from within the Adobe Reader 9 application?

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            Jubinell Level 1



            Thank you for the quick response. I've done that but the problem persists.


            A bit about my computer it's Vista, but the folders are a little weird. Default install directory and common files folders are on a different drive. In addition appdata are also on a different drive. However this should not affect sinve I've already re-installed Adobe Reader multiple times and it used to work just fine.


            But perhaps the problem is indeed path related. Anybody with more ideas to share?


            Thank you in advance.


            Update: When I reinstall Adobe Reader and open the file, the first time I try to install Japanese font it does not end with "registering product" but with something like "removing backup files" (see attachment). If I try to install Japanese font again and again, I will get the "registering product" at the final glimpse of the installation pop-up.