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    How to handle multiple SOAP requests for ArrayCollection initialization?



      I want to initialize some ArrayCollection with objects, which receive field values via SOAP requests (in getUdfValuePrj function).

       for (var i:int=0; i < data.length; i++)
        var task:Task=new Task();
        task.laborio = getUdfValuePrj(data[i].id, LABORIOUSNESS);



      Here is my WebService:

       private function initWebServices(wsdl:String):void
        _udfWs = new WebService();
        _udfWs.wsdl = wsdl;
        _udfWs.getTaskUDFValue.addEventListener("fault", handleFault);

      The question is, how functions getUdfValuePrj and getTaskUDFValueResult should look like?


      I think that is no good:


      private function getTaskUDFValueResult(event:ResultEvent):String
        _udfValue = event.result as String;
      private function getUdfValuePrj (taskId:String, udfCaption:String):String
        _udfValue = "Loading...";
        _udfWs.getTaskUDFValue (taskId,udfCaption);
        while (_udfValue == "Loading...")
        return _udfValue;