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    Binding data in a TaskBar from an external xml file


      Hello all


      I am using Flex 3.4 and creating a TabBar control. I am going to use an external XML file for the TabBar labels.


      I have got the problem solved in tits and bits.


      • I created a ActionScript (Singleton) class as data model.
      package {
           public class DataModel {
                private var _item:String;
                private var _position:String;
                public function get item():String {
                     return _item;
                public function set item(value:String):void {
                     _item = value;
                public function get position():String {
                     return _position;
                public function set position(value:String):void {
                     _position = value;
                public function DataModel() { }


      • I created an external xml file which contains the data
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
           <param item="Soap" position="1" />
           <param item="Clothes" position="2" />
           <param item="Detergent" position="3" />
           <param item="Dishwash" position="4" />


      • I have the code for URLLoader to load the external file at runtime.


      Now how should I use the URLLoader to store the XML data from external file into the data model?


      Any help would be welcome


      thanks and regards