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    Printing Mirror Image with 9.x


      I have an issue which others have also reported: ANY pdf printed from Adobe Reader 9.x prints as a mirror image!!! This is NOT a printer driver problem.


      Information: I have 4 computers on a network and a network printer supporting them (HP Officejet L7680). I had Adobe Reader v8.x on all 4 machines - 3 Windows XP, 1 Vista64. All printing/viewing was normal.


      I decided to upgrade my Vista64 machine to Adobe 9.x (currently v9.2). That was a mistake. Now, every pdf printed from that machine prints as a mirror image of the pdf. I do not see any kind of printer option under Adobe or my printer to print as a mirror image.


      So, 3 Windows XP machines with Adobe 8.x print fine; 1 Vista64 machine with Adobe 8.x printed fine; 1 Vista64 machine upgraded to Adobe 9.x does NOT print correctly.


      This problem has cropped up with enough frequency that there is some sort of Adobe 9.x problem. A quick internet search will show the extent of this issue.


      Any solutions? (Otherwise, my thoughts are to delete 9.x and find 8.x.)