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    CS4 Page Tiling Problem

    barkerw Level 1

      I recently moved to a 64 bit computer and i don't know if that is part of my issue or not but i finally figured out what is causing my rotate tool problem.  Basically for as long as i've had the program and this new computer everytime i opened an old ai. file i had an issue with the rotate and skew tool and and just about any other tool with the click and drag function.  Once i clicked the button to rotate, it would not release.....it stayed in constant preview mode and i would ultimately have to force quit the program to make it stop. I would take my finger off the buttom but the rotate would not set....it just kept rotatating to whatever i did with my mouse.  Now it would only do this on some documents and not others, so i've been trying to find the cause and i just did.  As soon as i set to show page tiling, this issue arises.  The second i take it off....it the problem stops.  I've trying reinstalling several times, i've even tried reformatting my computer and reinstalling.  I have all the latest tablet, video card, and printer drivers installed.  All updates etc.  Anyone have an idea how i can fix this?  I like to use the page tiling function so i really want to fix this issue.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          It is print tiling I would use the multiple artboard feature you might find it more flexible.


          As far as he problem at hand have you tried moving the settings folder or resetting the Illustrator Preferences

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            PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

            The obvious work around would be to keep the tile preview off when working on the document. Then when you need to see the tiles for printing turn it back on. This sounds like a real pain but you may need to be aware of the foibles of using illustrator on your particular system and use a work around (which you discovered)  to get work done until you resolve this issue. From what you have stated, and the symptoms I would start with the Tablet to see if you can eliminate the issue by taking it out of the equation. Also if you search this forum for issues with tools and Tablets you may be surprised the answers you find. I often do this first before posting a question. I seem to remember seeing others with sticking tools behaviors while using Tablets in past postings. If I find one which looks promising to resolving your problem I will post a link.

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              barkerw Level 1

              It doesn't appear to be a tablet problem....as it persists when i use a regular optical mouse.  How do you clear the preferences?


              Edit:  Also, when i said page tiling, what i meant was print tiling is what causes this.  So when i set it to show print tiling it goes crazy.