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    XHR and mailto links


      Hello there,


      I just ran into a bug with using XHR and mailto links. I have a simple app that fetches customer info from a web service, then reads some email templates and plugs the customer info into the email templates which are implemented as mailto links with subject and body parameters.


      The bug is that XHR stops working after I click any mailto link. The XHR will go out but its readyState never changes. If I restart the app, everything works again. If I add an event handler to the mailto links that stops the event, then the XHR doesn't break (but the email client doesn't get called either).


      The best solution I've come up with is to add a bogus target to my mailto links. That causes a new window to be displayed when the link is clicked so it's not ideal but it prevents my XHRs from going crazy.


      Is this a known bug? Is there a place to file bugs so they can be tracked? I filed it somewhere but there was a disclaimer saying they won't get back to me and it didn't tell me where bugs are tracked.


      I wanted to make a server call so the server could send the mail, but my client doesn't have a server that he can upload scripts to, it's an ecommerce website that he is not allowed to touch except from their web interface.


      I thought about issuing a command line call, but found that Adobe Air has no easy way to send a simple command.


      I also thought about finding a library that can send email; I found one in flash, which means I can use it from adobe air, but that would mean I'd have to write the UI for the email editor.


      Does anybody have any suggestions? Please drop a line with anything you may find useful