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    Bridge CS4 cannot view or edit G10 CR2 files




      I have searched for this and come up with a few pointers but so far none has worked for me.


      Running PS CS4 11.0.1

      Got latest CR 5.5 and it is in the correct place.

      Have run CameraProfiles exe file.

      Have deleted and rebuilt icon cache for folder(s) in question.

      Do not have this issue with NK2 files from my D70s



      My issue:


      When in Bridge I cannot see any image icons for Canon G10 .CR2 file. It is a generic icon. When I right-click on the file I am not offered "edit in CameraRaw".


      HOWEVER - When in Lightroom 2.5, I CAN see the actual image files, and if I choose edit in PS, it opens CameraRaw in PS.


      What gives? My wife _hates_ lightroom and she just wants to broswe the files in Bridge and then edit them in CR, but can't. It's "my fault" for shooting RAW images rather than JPEGs ;-)


      Please help!


      Thanks in advance