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    How to delete non-existent image from Project Manager

    James K. Patrick Level 1

      Morning all,


      I managed to add a non-existent image to Project Manager. Well, actually RH8 did it for me. Now I need to know how to delete it.


      I am using a drop-down hotspot and wanted to use images other than what RH8 has available. So I added the hotspot and selected a random image to appear at the start of the text. Then I edited the default.css to (among other things) change the image filename on the line:


      x-open-image: url(image-name-goes-here.gif)


      I mistyped the image name, saved the default.css and went back to work in RH8, creating and previewing content. When my image didn't display, I tracked down the mistyped image name and corrected it.


      So now I've got an image file appearing in Project Manager with a mistyped name, and that file never existed. There's a red X on the image icon and the Delete command is unavailable.


      How do I get rid of this file from Project Manager?