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    AIR Publishing options?

    Steve Larracey

      The Publish SWF command gives no options. Will this be expanded on as the Beta continues?


      I am hoping for AIR publishing options.


      - Steve

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          maeldanus Level 1

          A few posts ahead i asked the same..


          @ The moment there is no option in Catalyst to say" Hey export an Air-project to Flashbuilder". But i think it's a mustHave Feature for the final-release.

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            Steve Larracey Level 1

            Actually, I miss stated my first post. You can export as an AIR file, but there are no options for certificates or any of the other AIR settings. Those settings are what I am hoping for.


            Sorry, I need to read my posts more carefully.


            - Steve

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              Tara Jane Feener Level 3

              Hey Steve,

              So are you looking to see the same Publish to Air settings as are available in Builder?

              Or are there any in particular more 'Flash Catalyst project critical' than others?

              I'm thinking theoretically, as a workaround for now, you could bring your project over the Builder, convert it to an air project and publish from there.

              Please expand and let me know so I can log issue for tracking purposes,



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                Steve Larracey Level 1



                I admit, I haven't been through Flash Builder yet (just downloaded Catalyst yesterday). From what you are saying, there are more advanced settings available in Flash Builder.


                I will try and look at Flash Builder to see if what I am looking for is there before we go too far. I am familiar with the AIR settings out of Flash and those are what I was referring to.


                Let me look at Flash Builder and get back to you.


                - Steve

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                  maeldanus Level 1

                  One Question to this Topic:


                  How can i "remove" the Applikation-Background (creates in Flash-Catalyst), so that my Air-App doesn't have a solid background ?? I've tried to set the systemchrome to false - but no effect. :/


                  Hope for help

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                    Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                    Hey Steve,

                    There's also more information on Flash Builder 4 + Air Projects here:

                    http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/gumbo/html/WS6b84a753ecd210fd-7fb8a08d12114b6a4cf-8000.html #WS6b84a753ecd210fd-7fb8a08d12114b6a4cf-7fff

                    Looking forward to hearing your feedback.


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                      Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                      Hey Maeldanus,

                      Are you changing those parameters in Flash Builder?

                      And are they on an application tag, or the WindowedApplicaton tag?

                      I haven't played around a whole lot with WindowedApplication, but it looks like it has a transparent property which might be useful.

                      Let me know which parent tag (Application or WindowedApplication) you're dealing with.



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                        Bear Travis Adobe Employee



                        You may find the following helpful for creating the look you want:

                        http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AIR/1.5/devappsflex/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d118676a28bd-8000. html


                        In the "Write the Code" section they detail how to properly set the chrome and window transparency, along with setting the windowedApplication's alpha style.

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                          Steve Larracey Level 1



                          Wow, Flash Builder is a more complex application than I thought. As a designer I felt a bit lost for my first time in. I never did see how to export or save as an AIR file, but found the Help file very useful.


                          From what the Help file said, Flash Builder's export settings to AIR file has all the same controls as the "AIR - Application and Installer Settings & Create AIR" inside Flash CS3.


                          This is the control that I am looking for. The ability to assign signatures and to set the Window Style and other settings for the AIR application. Since I didn't see the actual windows to accomplish this in Flash Builder, I can't say if there would be an easier way to present it in Catalyst for we non-technical designer-types. The way it is done in Flash CS3 is fine, although it is split into two menu selections. It would be great to have all of the settings together in one window or accessible from one window. Sort of keeping everything grouped together so you don't miss a step or setting, kind of idea.


                          Having that ability right out of Catalyst would be very helpful. Not everything requires a database, so not going into Flash Builder would help streamline the AIR authoring process. Plus it gives we designers a fighting chance, which is what Catalyst is all about, right?


                          I hope this was helpful and clear. If not, let me know.


                          - Steve

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                            Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                            Hey Steve,

                            This was extremely helpful and clear.

                            I'm going to go ahead and log this for the team so we don't lose sight of the issue, using the details you provided.

                            I really appreciate you digging into this and providing me with this info, I have a clear picture painted on how you'd like to see this work.

                            Oh! And in case you feel like checking this out in Flash Builder, it's under the Project file menu, then the "Export Release Build..." option.

                            You might have to launch it after creating an air project.

                            Thanks and please continue to provide feedback like this!


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                              maeldanus Level 1




                              tried to set transparent and systemchrome to false / none. But the white Application-Background is still there :?


                              Any ideas?


                              Greets, Nico



                              EDIT: *DING* - you have to set the "backgroundAlpha" property of the Windowedapplikation to "0"....

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                                Steve Larracey Level 1



                                One more footnote to my previous post. A few people have hopped into this thread, which is cool and they had a good point, transparency is important. Flash's controls for AIR files and Flash itself, won't allow transparency.


                                I think the ability to use transparency with AIR applications is important. As we look at how technology and user demands are moving, being able to create AIR applications that seem "organic" is important now and will be very important in the future. Being forced to create square or "un-organic" AIR applications will be a limitation and may hurt the progress of AIR.


                                Unless there is a radical change in how Flash approaches the "stage" I don't think Flash will ever have the transparent option. But if this is available in Flash Builder, then as we create Flash Catalyst it should be built in to Catalyst as well. Otherwise, the application may end up with too many limitations for authoring and so may be un-effective. It may also make designers shy away from the application if it won't help us achieve our goals.


                                I don't know if this is possible at this stage in Flash Catalyst's development, but it should be considered.


                                - Steve

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                                  Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                                  In case people miss your edit, you have to set transparent to true, and then backgroundAlpha = 0.


                                  Steve, stage transparency can be accomplished in Flash Builder by adding the above to a 'WindowedApplication' tag.


                                  I agree, it feels like something we should support in Catalyst, I'll log an enhancement to track it.


                                  Would having a fully transparent background be enough, or do you feel as a designer having the option to change the background transparency using a slider is important?



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                                    Steve Larracey Level 1



                                    I did not realized we had options!


                                    To have the ability to vary the amount of transparency with a slider or typed percentage of opacity sounds good. It would be better to build in that type of flexibility to Catalyst, rather than not having it.


                                    Options are always appreciated, that doesn't mean as designers we will show the best judgement in using the tool, but having that ability would be great.


                                    - Steve