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    Workspace Color Settings Wonky (colors faded & black looks green)


      I recently re-formatted and re-installed drivers for my comp/graphics card as well as adobe CS3.


      I open a file in MS paint or windows viewer and they look just fine. I try opening files in CS3 and the colors are all off. I have previewed just about every pre-set color setting and nothing fixes the problem.


      Under my monitor color settings, the black range is saturated, dark green, the other colors are all washed out.


      Under various other settings, the green problem fades away, but the colors are faded and I can't get good saturation. 


      I have  Sony SDM-HS95P_D93 as my color settings currently.



      I  have attached a photo to capture what I mean. How do I fix this?


      Thank you!

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          xperegrine Level 1

          I also want to add that the first file -- in MS paint was edited to the final composition in Photoshop. That's an older file which the color settings change in the newly installed version. (and yes, Arcsoft profiles are wonky too!  -- I need to figure this out so that I can continue editing photos for my business)

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            Hi xperigrine,


            You said you are using the Sony SDM-HS95P_93 profile -- is that also the identity of the LCD monitor that you are using? I have that monitor, but I must have my Adobe Gamma setup differently from you. I don't see the green black that you see in the pictures that you posted. I suggest you re-run Adobe Gamma from your Windows Settings Control panel while you have a display of your picture or pictures on screen at the same time so that you can see your picture while you are adjusting the Gamma setting.


            When the little Adobe Gamma window first appears, you will have the option to choose between the Step by Step (Wizard) or Control Panel. This time it might be better to go with the Step by Step Wizard. Since you are going to be modifying your Sony SDM-HS95P_D93 profile, you might want add a "-1_ or something like that to save this profile separately. In the next frame, from the monitor's hardware menu, verify that you have set your monitor's Contrast Control to its highest setting and adjust the monitor's Brightness Control as directed.


            In the next frame, what have you entered for Phosphors? We will leave that as an open issue for the time being.


            Accepting whatever you used there, in the next frame, be sure to uncheck "View Single Gamma Only" so that you will be adjusting Red Gamma, Green Gamma, and Blue Gamma individually. Now, adjust the gamma sliders while looking at the gamma crossbar through the usual "squinting" mode, but also watch your pictures as the final arbiters of where the gammas should be. In particular, you should be able to adjust the Green Gamma to solve your green color cast problem by watching your picture as you move the slider.


            Since you most likely will have modified your RGB gammas, in the next frame you might want to choose to measure your Hardware White Point.


            In the next frame you might want to choose "Same as Hardware" for your Adjusted White Point.


            In the next frame, exercise the Before and After options, and watch your test picture in the background to get an idea of how well you have defeated the green color caste problem. Save your new "-1" profile to put it into effect. You may need to repeat this process several times to perfect your results. The key to the success of this approach is that you are watching a sample of your photography while making the adjustments. That hopefully will reduce unpleasant surprises later.


            -- brozone --