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    Opening a Robohelp that was maintained on Windows NT

    udimer Level 1

      I use RoboHelp 7 on Windows XP. Another division of my company has their own RoboHelp project that I wanted to see so I could use a similar layout in my own. The owner of that project said they use Windows NT. I believe if they copy the files and send them to me I shouldn't have any problem opening them on my computer. Am I correct in assuming this? They state their Robohelp won't run on my machine with XP.


      Your feedback is appreciated!



      Email I received from a coworker:


      Our version of Robohelp is the NT version and must be run on a PC that is an NT machine.  In addition, we have 2 licenses to RoboHelp for administrative purposes.  These are not on the network –they are assigned to a specific machine and are loaded onto that specific machine only (we have the 2 licenses right now).  This is one of the reasons that the curent users have multiple PC’s each.  Each has a specific NT machines for publishing RoboHelp. Robohelp will not run on an XP machine.