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    Super Proxy? Improve Performance more?

    dansch37 Level 2



      Outside of these Adobe tips on improving performance, does anyone know any more tricks? ....even if its a third party purchase. It just seemed that when proxied everything, the machine still hangs up enough to annoy me and images because theyre proxied/lowres are of course a bit blurry. I guess Im hoping there is some super proxy plug-in that lets you work superfast. The dream is to build HD 3D animations on a laptop. Then ftp it all to a renderfarm and they do the heavy lifting and mail me a nice shiny bluray.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No, sorry. There is no magic recipe. The computational math defeats this dream. AE is a full buffer renderer, meaning that everything it processes must fit fully into RAM. So if your machine isn't up to snuff - well, you know the story. That will only change, if and when AE gets a tiled renderer or a similarly memory friendly method or knows how to deal with much more RAM in a 64bit version. Until then, those workarounds will have to make do.



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            Thats what I figured but I wanted confirmation.

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              Hey gang. I have bought into building the mothership of Pc computers and well here is my problem.  EVERYTHING!!!


              dual quad core (8) with 9800 Nvidia gx2  - 29gbs ram - vista ultimate 64bit - CS4


              I can't believe how slow this system is!


              Does anyone have a promising work around so that I can get alittle work done.  NO SPEED while using AE CS4





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                MarkBruner Level 1

                Mylenium,  Could you please give a guy a hand as I'm loosing my mind calling first level support at adobe.  A run down on basic performance setting would be helpful. 


                Should I be looking at a Mac?


                I just posted my workstation specs and I also have the same system and work.  Dell t7400


                We are seeing the CPU getting hammered while doing a simple AE task.  Just a png file with a blur effect kills the system.


                What could be going on.  Do I need to PRAY!!!




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                  dansch37 Level 2

                  Im no expert (yet) but I do know that blur is an effect that will slow down a system. Anytime you have smooth gradations, be it in PSHOP or AE your going to encounter memory issues. I would disable that filter until rendering time if possible. As far as your computer goes, in my opinion you should have a mac for this kind of stuff. I spoke to some huge PC advocates that hate mac and asked them to concede that the mac is better at something. They then admitted, "for high end video/3d work, mac is better than PC". I myself am fixing to buy a new computer and have been considering PC (dont tell my peers) but the more I think about it and read posts like this, ill have to wait a year to save the extra $1500 for the stable machine.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    Please, do not conduct arguments about which operating system or platform is "better" on this forum. It just gets ugly, and there's no definitive answer.