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    Table differences

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      I am working with someone elses table and code, but here goes.

      There is a page at
      http://www.scootervilleusa.com/scooters/lp_scooters.cfm?PID=48 that shows
      all the colors available for the product.

      If you go to the main product line (click on the word LP for example, use
      the checkboxes and select 2 items, and at the bottom of the screen click
      'compare') you'll see the colors available for each product.

      Why are the color boxes aligned differently in the compare screen? They're
      higher towards the top of the table where as they aren't on the normal
      product page......


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          Sw Jiten Level 1
          Ok first of all:

          You must consider this:

          When you click on the first link you have given , it is not the same code that when you go to the "compare link" . So, in one code the alignment is declared in a different way and so works... In order to see it you can click on your browser : Page > View Source Code on both links and compare how you declared both codes, there are subtle differences that cause the "problem". Fix it on the CFM (coldfusion files) accordign to your main HTML, and that's it...