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    Map MySQL to ArrayCollection in PHP

    Powder77 Level 1

      Hi Guys


      I have had great success in passing data to flex using Zend AMF as an array of objects and using the result to populate Flex Charts.


      The problem is I want to use FusionCharts for Flex, this require me to pass an ArrayCollection to the FusionChart. The problem I am have having is building the the ArrayCollection in PHP.




      $sql ="select label,value from table";


      $result = mysq_query($sql);





      What code do I put here to build the arraycollection to pass back to flex




      Here is what I am trying to mirror in flex


      private var chartData:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection([
                       { label:'Jan', value:'17400' },
                       { label:'Feb', value:'19800' },
                       { label:'Mar', value:'21800' },
                       { label:'Apr', value:'23000' },
                       { label:'May', value:'29000' },
                       { label:'Jun', value:'27600' }


      Thanks in advance