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    Flash not showing issues




      I'm experiencing problems with my flash banner on a website I'm developing. The flash app sometimes does, but more frequently does not appear in Firefox and ocassionally also in Internet Explorer. The versions of the browsers are Firefox 3.0.14 and IE 7.0.5730.11. It just leaves blank space as if the flash app didn't load at all. I've tried changing several embed attributes, but with no avail. I've developed it in AS2.0 in Adobe Flash CS3 Pro.


      I'm currently experiencing it on the system I've build it, but I'm afraid that this might happen on other systems (visitors) as well.

      The webpage is available at http://www.wiizle.nl/demo.


      Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my thread.

      I've tried searching in the fora, but couldn't find anything I could link to this specific problem.In case more information is needed, don't hesitate to ask.


      Greetings from Holland.