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    Typewriter tool Acrobat 9

    Farzad! Level 1

      UPDATE 2:


      Please see attached simpl scanned file.

      When I first open it Typewriter tool works just fine.

      If I extract a page from it, not deleting the page, then the typewriter tool only allows typing text and not modifying anything like spacing, etc.
















      Just ran a test:


      1) I extracted the entire document to help enable the typewriter tool editi features. Tested the extracted file and everything works as expected.

      2) I extracted one page out of this new document. The problem re-appeared.


      So what it means is that when I extract a page the typewriter tool gets set to disable editing features.












      My office just upgraded us to Acrobat Pro 9.1.3 on our XP- Pro.

      The Typewrighter tool works unpredictably. In some cases you can type text in but you are not allowed to change its size, spacing and so on. The features are dimmed out. I am working on a file with multiple sheets which are originally scanned into pdf. What I found out is when the problem comes up, if I extract all the sheets into another file the problem goes away and then comes back up after a while, requiring me to re-extract the entrie document.


      I have checked file settings and the security setting is always set to none.


      Some of the things I am doing to these files (engineering drawings) is I am cropping a portion of the drawing and then extracting that page, saving it into its own unique file. Then I am undoing the cropping and moving on to other things. In some cases I am placing annotations on the files. I don't beieve any of these activities should be causing unpredictable performance of the Typewriter tool.


      I have searched KB and all over the internet and have not seen any doscussions on this.


      I would appreciate any insight that anyone can bring to us.



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          Anna Nmty Level 3

          I could not re-create the issue when testing your file with Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.2.


          I extracted the page with the typwriter text and could edit and change the properties (using the Typewriter toolbar) of the typewriter text in the new document. The Typewriter Toolbar elements like font, color, size, *will* be grey until double-clicking in the existing typewriter text, then they should be available.


          It would be worth updating to version 9.2 regardless of issues, but maybe the problem you are having is related to double-clicking.

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            Farzad! Level 1


            I hope this message will find you.

            Thanks for the assistance. I am aware of double clicking. It doesn't matter what page is extracted. When extracted, the original file allows typing text, but the editing buttons do not get activated as before extraction. Double clicking and highlighting the text also does not produce any better result.

            We just updated to 9.1 yesterday. I will ask fot the 9,2 version.



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              Anna Nmty Level 3

              Hopefully the update will help solve the problem!


              For an example, attached is the page I extracted from your file. In this new file, the typewriter text font, size, and color was changed after extraction.

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                Farzad! Level 1

                Hi Anna.


                I just updated to 9.2 and the problem still persists.


                The test should not be on the extracted page/file. The test should be on the file the page was extracted from.


                The bug is that the typewriter tool's features become disabled in a document once a page or pages have been extracted from it. The extraction seems to be causing the problem.


                Can you try again to see if you can recreate the problem?





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                  Anna Nmty Level 3

                  I did test again and could not recreate the issue both on my work and home computers.


                  I could edit the typewriter text in both the extracted page file and the original after the page was extracted, both before and after saving.


                  Thinking about the difference in our experiences with the same file, it seems like your file is being flattened somehow. Do you have any settings that flatten the document on save?

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                    Farzad! Level 1

                    Thanks for trying again.


                    I don't know what flattening is. We use Adobe out of the box without much customization. The file I shared is straight out of the scanner. All settings on my Adobe are default.


                    Is there a way to get a dump of internal settings of Acrobat? If there is maybe I can see one from your setting and compare with mine.





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                      Well I tried checking this outl for you but could do all necessart actons!. Probably you need a hardware guy to look into this and advise you.Secondly reset the typewriter and the setting for printing PDF Docs (if your typewriter has any issues it would show up in message alarms !

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                        Farzad! Level 1

                        Thank you. Resetting the tool corrects the situation. How do you reset printing pdf docs?