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    Sort by Name via script


      Hi everybody,


      I would appreciate if someone could give some clue to sort by name the

      Paragraph Styles, Character Styles, Object Styles and Swatches panels

      via script.


      Thank you all in advance.


      Edson Furman


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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For sorting styles I have used the script listed below -- works in CS3 and CS4 though it's been a while since I last tried. It could be coded more elegantly but it always worked fine as it is. It doesn't take into account any style groups -- I don't know what happens if your documents contain any so you'd better not try.


          As to swatches, these are not so easy to sort. There was some discussion about this at either of these sites:







          #target indesign
          sort_par_styles (app.documents[0]);
          sort_char_styles (app.documents[0]);
          sort_obj_styles (app.documents[0]);
          function sort_par_styles (doc)
              var string_array = sort_par_names (doc);
              for (var i = 0; i < string_array.length; i++)
                  doc.paragraphStyles.item (string_array[i]).move (
                      LocationOptions.after, doc.paragraphStyles[i+2])
          function sort_par_names (doc)
            var array = doc.paragraphStyles.everyItem().name;
            array.shift (); array.shift ();  // exclude [No p.] and [Basic p/]
            return array.sort (case_insensitive);
          function sort_char_styles (doc)
              var string_array = sort_char_names (doc);
              for (var i = 0; i < string_array.length; i++)
                  doc.characterStyles.item (string_array[i]).move (
                      LocationOptions.after, doc.characterStyles[i+1])
          function sort_char_names (doc)
            var array = doc.characterStyles.everyItem().name;
            array.shift ();  // exclude [None]
            return array.sort (case_insensitive);
          function sort_obj_styles (doc)
              var string_array = sort_obj_names (doc);
              for (var i = 0; i < string_array.length; i++)
                  doc.objectStyles.item (string_array[i]).move (
                      LocationOptions.after, doc.objectStyles[i+4])
          function sort_obj_names (doc)
            var array = doc.objectStyles.everyItem().name;
            array.shift (); array.shift (); array.shift ();  array.shift (); // exclude  [None], [Basic Graphics Frame], [Basic Text Frame], [Basic Grid]
            return array.sort (case_insensitive);
          function case_insensitive (a, b)
            return a.toLowerCase() > b.toLowerCase()
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            edsonfurman Level 1

            Great, Peter! Very thank you!



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              lf.corullon Level 3

              An easiest way to do that...




              It will sort styles (character, paragraph, object, cell and table) by name.