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    Index Questions

    Tim M Level 1

      I have a WebHelp project originally generated using RoboHelp x5 that is now a Robohelp 8 project.  Originally, we used two levels of keywords (primary and subkeywords), and some of our more common subkeywords are used by 50+ topics.  When one of these subkeywords is selected, RoboHelp displays the maximum number allowable (which appears to vary from 25-50 topics depending upon Windows, monitor, and/or other PC variables), but the list is not scrollable and users are not able to see (and therefore not able to select) topics that are not displayed.  I was unaware until recently that additional levels of subkeywords are available.  I plan to start with the .hhk file, identify subkeywords that are used by more than, say 25 topics, and then provide additional subkeywords so that all topics will be visible from the lowest keyword level.


      I have questions about best practices.  First, anyone have a recommended maximum number of topics per keyword (other than the maximum that a PC will display at one time)?


      Second, is it possible and/or recommended to suppress the ability to view topics for primary and/or secondary keywords if it is not possible to view all the topics for a primary/secondary keyword?  If it is possible (e.g., entering "Report\Inventory\Receiving" as a topic's subkeyword without entering "Report" and "Report\Inventory" for the same topic) and advisable to suppress displaying topics when they can't all be displayed for a particular keyword, is it advisable to show topics only for the lowest level keyword used and not for any higher level keyword, even if all topics could be display at the primary, secondary, etc. levels for other keywords in the index?


      Other tips/suggestions?


      Also, a post in a different RoboHelp forum indicated that indexed items for some keywords are not always appearing in alphabetical order.  I have noticed that new topics that I am associating with existing subkeywords are not being alphabetized with the existing topics but are appearing at the end of the list topics for secondary keywords in the compiled help.  Is this typical?  Can this problem be resolved by re-sorting the listing of the items in the .hhk file?  (My keywords are stored with each topic.)  Is there a better solution?