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    CS4 media encoder deliveres bad quality when resizing & cropping

    Ninarama Level 1

      With the CS3 media encoder, it was very easy to crop & rescale an area of your video.

      Not only that, it also produced a video with the maximum possible quality.


      But there is another CS4 stepback: The CS4 media encoder is maybe equipped with all bells & whistles, BUT simple cropping and resizing is quite unintuitive (took me quite a bit to figure out) and produces unreasonably bad quality.

      For comparison, I added some pictures.

      It can't be the compression, the CS4 encoded video is almost 1MB huge but still very blurry.

      The CS3 encoded video is crisp & sharp at just 23kb.


      Is there a way to produce high quality videos also with the CS4 media encoder when using crop & resize? I mean... this is quite crucial, isn't it?

      Or am I doing something substancial wrong here?


      After half a year using CS4 I'm still missing the ease-of-use of CS3. CS4 has been the biggest stepback in usability since there wasn't even a Creative Suite (I started with PS6 and Macromedia Flash 6 back then... which later "melted" into the Creative Suite)


      I attached some pictures which compare both encoders. Don't be confused, my CS3 is in English, CS4 in German.