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    Update and replace a index via script


      Hi everybody,


      I created a book with 30 chapters, each of them having a local (or chapter) index at the last pages.


      I would like to update these indexes and replace them with the new, updated ones (just as the command "Generate Index..."

      do with the option "Replace the Existing Index" on).


      I'm able to generate the index via script, but I don't know how to make it replace the existing one.

      I dont want the Place the Index, as its precise location is variable and it can run for more than one page and frame.


      So even I could get the coordinates of an existing index to place the new one,

      I would have the re-layout them, what would defeat my automation goal altogether.


      I just want to replace the existing indexes via script, as I can do using the interface.


      Is it possible?


      Thank you all in advance.


      Edson Furman